SAP Hackathon

The real challenge,

how to embrace the new opportunities that lies ahead of us.

  • Join in to learn about the opportunities of a Digital Twin of a Wind Turbine producing Renewable Energy.
  • Renewable Energy is a growing and future-proof business area
  • Gartner has named Digital Twins as one of the top ten strategic technology trends important for IoT.
  • Society and industry are eager to adopt new innovative solutions.
  • Solutions that deliver real and tangible values are sought after.
  • Gartner expects 21 billion IoT endpoints by 2020 and a 35% annual growth rate in years to come.

Join and learn in this Hackathon!

  • Compete against teams from 5 Nordic universities
  • Your team will design, build and launch ideas that enable new insight.
  • You will learn and gain experience of a state-of-the-art cloud-based development platform from SAP
  • All deliverables are intellectual property and belong to the creator.
  • Detailed event description with timeline on this link
Wind Turbine

The Case is on Renewable Energy

  • A Digital Twin and Run data
  • A dataset from the wind power industry
  • Description and 3D model data for a specific wind turbine installation including data from a running instance of a digital twin. 
  • Read more about the case and the data on this link

Business executives will evaluate your results

Ørsted    Siemens  Vattenfall  
Statoil    SAP


Try the SAP Cloud Platform  SAP

  • You will receive a learning package containing 
    an easily accessible, educational material, including tutorials and videos.


Accenture Hackathon Renewable Energy Digital Twin SAP

Nordic Sponsor and the enabler of this amazing event


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The Reward; 10.000,-Hackathon (Picture from

  • The Prize Money for the best overall Hackathon solution is 10.000SEK/NOK/DKK (Local Currency)
  • In addition, the team with the Hackathon idea which has the best:
    1. Originality and creativity will be rewarded with 1000SEK/NOK/DKK
    2. Potential business value, both short term and long term 1000SEK/NOK/DKK
    3. Technological quality, with focus on new and emerging developments 1000SEK/NOK/DKK

  • Signed Diploma.
  • Endorsement in your LinkedIn profile on Renewable Energy.

Who can participate?

  • BSc or MSc students, typically in engineering/ICT subjects, but also other study tracks can be relevant. 
  • Register your interest, organiser supports with the team building
  • Teams have 6 members
  • 18 students = 3 Teams from each university

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Contact persons

SBN-Adfahrer AB
EM Fahrer | +46 70 5697808, em[at]

Aalborg University
Contact: Charles Møller, M.Sc.EE., Ph.D. | Charles[at] | +45 9940 7101
Aalborg University
Att: Charles Møller, +45 9940 7101
Fibigerstræde 16, Room: 2.119
9220 Aalborg

Chalmers University of Technology

Contact: Elad Schiller, Docent | elad.schiller[at] | +46-31-772 1052
Chalmers University of Technology
Att: Elad Schiller, +46 31 772 10 52
Rännvägen 6 (Room No 5110A)
S-412 96 Göteborg

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 
Contact: Björn Thuresson, Senior Researcher | thure[at] | +46 704-460164
Kungliga Tekniska högskolan
Visualiseringsstudion VIC
Att: Björn Thuresson, + 46 704-460164
Lindstedtsvägen 5, plan 4, rum 4450.
114 28 Stockholm

NTNU (University Trondheim)
 Terje Rølvåg, Professor | terje.rolvag[at] | +47 40065114
Att: Terje Rølvåg, +47 40065114
Richard Birkelands veg 2B
7491 Trondheim

University of Oslo, SIRIUS organisation, 
Contact: Dr. David B. Cameron, Centre Coordinator | davidbc[at] | + 47 48084637
University of Oslo
Institutt for informatikk
Att: Dr. David B. Cameron, + 47 48084637
Gaustadalleen 23B
0373 Oslo


SAP University Engagements, Adam Dudits | adam.dudits[at]
SAP Cloud Software, Dietmar Steinbichler | dietmar.steinbichler[at]
SAP Oil&Gas, Joseph Rouhana | joseph.rouhana[at]

Oslo, Martin Brownsword, IT/CIO customer contacts | mb[at] | +47 91711593
Trondheim, Bernt Bakken, Oil&Gas, | bb[at] | +47 48034248
Aalborg, Cathrine Kjær, | ck[at] | +45 51295638
Stockholm, Joakim Löves, Meeting Technology, | jl[at] | +46 70 667 65 68
Gothenburg, EM Fahrer | em[at] | +46 70 569 78 08

EM Fahrer Hackathon


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Questions? Call me or send an e-mail:  EM Fahrer | em[at] | +46 70 569 78 08          

Location and Time

Oslo, Trondheim, Aalborg, Stockholm and Gothenburg, 21 sep 11:00 - 22 sep 14:00


Vår kunskapsdelning, Projektledning, IT och HANA, Logistik



Number of participants: 7

Person Company
Hans Butenschøn Fred. Olsen Energy ASA
Balaji Nagaraj Kumar KTH
Sudha Rani Ravindran KTH Royal institute of technology
Nour Alhuda Almajni KTH- Royal institute of technology
Cathrine Kjær Christensen SDK - Adfahrer Denmark
Bjørn Ingeberg Fesche Universitetet i Oslo
Antti Mattila Universitetet i Oslo
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