SAP User Group Norway s part of the Global community SUGEN. Our 3* SBN representatives just returned from a very informative and high quality meeting at SAP in Germany.

I will do my best to transfer important first hand information about RoadMaps and SAPs future plans to you in upcoming articles.

This week I will focus on the new license options which where presented and explained by Hala Zeine, SAP Chief Business Developer Officer. The information in this area is just released and the description/article you find below is written by me. If there are errors due to misunderstandings or similar, I'm responsible.

Today (8th June) we got a White Paper which still is still DRAFT and Confidential and can not be shared. As soon as the content is released for publish to our members I will share it with you. This document is very explaining and easy to understand. The document will be used in our meeting next week to clarify the new pricing options.

The 14th June we hope to see you in our meeting where we inform about and discuss licensis and audits. You are very welcome to participate also on distance.

Link to meeting agenda    Link to Andries van Bruggens articles on the same topic


This article is a summary of the new pricing options,
presented by Hala Zeine in the SUGEN meeting: 


Hala Zeine and Johan Rusaanes


Picture shows when Hala Zeine was introduced by Johan Rusaanes from SBN. The picture shows as he handed over "virtual" flowers to show our appreciation for the effort she puts into finding new future prof options in the area of solution pricing.

Two new SAP pricing options

Chief Business Developer Officer Hala Zeine explained the new pricing options last week during our SAP User Group Executive Network (SUGEN) meeting. The new solutions where users can use third party technology to access SAP data has created a challenge for SAP and uncertainty for its customers in the area of software pricing. 

For the SUGEN team this is a prioritised area to discuss with SAP. SAP has taken the challenges customers have in pricing seriously and appointed Hala Zeine and her team to lead the remediation efforts. She is working hard to meet the challenges and has already presented two new pricing options. The SUGEN team has contributed with use-cases and by being a discussion partner in the process. We believe the new options will resolve most of the issues that customers’ currently have with SAP software pricing.

The most important new option is the possibility to switch to order-volume-based pricing. The new order-volume-based pricing option is for “users” who do not use SAP-interfaces to access SAP. In the new order-volume-based pricing model, it is not the number of users that counts but rather the number of orders they produce. This new model can be used for the Order2Cash process and the Procure2Pay processes. Pricing will be lower for a higher number of orders and is also related to the industry if B2B or B2C, see the diagram. 

The second new option launched refers to the “Static Read” scenario. This scenario is used for example, in the reading of archived data. The definition of static read is data, that is exported from an SAP system and will not be imported again or in other way influence the business processes in SAP.

Hala and her team are working on additional pricing scenarios which will be released in due course. She said SAP want their customers to regard SAPs pricing model(s) as fair, but time has passed and new options had to be implemented to meet the future. This was also addressed earlier in the day by Michael Kleinemeier, who is a Member of the Executive Board and responsible for Digital Business Services and made the opening presentation in the SUGEN meeting.  



New SAP pricing drawing by EMF


Diagram by EMF, based on notes from presentation on new pricing options by Hala Zeine

SUGEN meeting 2017, in App House Heidelberg    

Picture shows the SUGEN team in the meeting in May 2017.
The group represents customers from all over the globe.

*) Our 3 SBN representatives are Andries van Bruggen (front row), EM Fahrer (in back) and Johan Rusaanes (second row)


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