Project Management, IT & HANA


2019-01-25 Webmeeting: Electronic signatures for your SAP business documents with Compleo Suite (Symtrax)
Do you want to digitize validation and signature of your internal and external business documents, such as NDAs, sales agreements, procurement documents, order acknowledgments, HR documents? Do you want to eliminate inefficient, traditional processes in printing, scanning, manually integrating and archiving signed documents? Join this webinar to hear about Compleo WebSign with SAP and how you can reduce time and costs and increase productivity.

2018-12-14 Web meeting: SAP S/4HANA Adoption Starter Engagement
Moving to S/4 HANA requires significant effort and major investment for any business. This is where the SAP S/4 HANA Adoption Starter Engagement can help. Through the engagement, customers can obtain their initial, personalized S/4 HANA plan specifically tailored to their business needs within 90 days.

2018-05-29 InnoTeam: Digital Innovation Day
To achieve digital innovation you need to understand the technologies that will facilitate the innovation, their uses, and their limitations. Don’t miss this year’s Digital Innovation Day including Carsten Nitschke, SAP’s EMEA Head of Leonardo. We will look at the latest in IOT, Hololens, Blockchain, Cloud, AI/Machine Learning and their connection to SAP and receive a technology vision for 2018. In addition to SAP, you will hear highly experienced presenters from Sopra Steria, Accenture, Cognizant, Skye, S5 together with Disruptive Technologies and a presentation direct from Palo Alto by itelligence

2018-04-23 InnoTeam: Project Leadership
The Project Leadership InnoTeam's annual event will be held this year at IBM's new offices in the centre of Oslo. We have a great program lined up with presentations, insights and discussions on project topics on S/4 HANA, Success Factors and a CAR implementation. In addition, we will cover the latest on project implementation methods, change management and achieving value with your project. The presentations are based on use cases and will be delivered jointly by SAP partners and end customers. Mark your calendar for April 23, 2018.

2018-04-13 Web meeting: Next Digital og New Normal – hvorfor er SAP Leonardo relevant for deg?

Next Digital og New Normal – hvorfor er SAP Leonardo relevant for deg? På dette webmøte deler Sopra Steria erfaring og use cases.

2018-04-13 Web meeting: Innovate with SAP Document and Output Management

Managing documents and forms output from SAPcan be time-consuming and frustrating but is crucial when transforming and improving business processes. Symtrax, in this webinar, will share with us the latest improvements in the Compleo Suite such as leveraging the SAP Cloud Platform and how their customers are using these improvements to innovate and transform their organisations.

2017-12-01 Web meeting: Unrivalled SAP Data Protection with PalmSecure - be GDPR ready
Learn how to add a powerful layer of security to your SAP system, while taking a significant step towards GDPR compliance. The guest speaker is Martin Lum, Vice-President of Marketing for realtime NA.

2017-11-03 Web meeting: SAP Security Overview + 10 Top Security Recommendations
In this web meeting the SAP Director Product Management Security Gerlinde Zibulski will share the cornerstones of SAP Security. She will talk about SAP Secure products and product strategy as well as SAP secure operations and operations strategy.

2017-09-15 Web meeting: SAP Tools for transformation (2 of 2)
Tailor-made recommendations on how to optimize and innovate your existing SAP ERP systems: SAP Innovation and Optimization Pathfinder. Learn about the optimization potentials in your business processes and IT operations, and actionable next steps from SAP’s support and service portfolio to maximize the value from your SAP ERP system. This is part 2 in a two part web meeting on SAP tools for transformation. Speaker: Wassilios Lolas - Wassilios leads SAP’s Customer Value Experience team.

2017-09-08 Web meeting: SAP Tools for transformation (1 of 2)
Is your company looking at moving to SAP HANA or S/4 HANA but you need guidance on how to proceed? If yes, you should be looking at a new, free tool, the SAP Navigator from SAP.

2017-06-20 Solution Manager 7.2 Roadshow

SAP will be following up their success from last year and are doing another series of Solution Manager 7.2 Roadshows. This year the event will take place on June 20th at Coop Norway's premises in Oslo. The focus this time will not only include best practice advice from SAP but also be on implementation experience gained over the last year. This will include a presentation and practical demonstration from Coop Norway on their experience from upgrading to version 7.2 this spring. (Recording and presentations will be published after the event)

2017-06-02 Web meeting: SAP Sikkerhet, de usynlige truslene – Kan Neptune hjelpe?
Vi vil i dette webinaret gå gjennom en del av SAP sikkerhetsutfordringene vi ser er relevante for selskaper i dag samt at vi vil vise hvordan en kan bruke SAP Neptune for overvåking og mitigering av tilganger i SAP og kritiske SAP sikkerhets risker. Til stor glede for sikkerhetsansvarlige, interne og eksterne revisorer og alle andre med interesse for SAP sikkerhet.

2017-05-30 IT Trends and Experience Sharing
We have a great program full of the latest IT trends in SAP for our IT Trends and Experience Sharing day. Komplett have been kind enough to host the event which will be held at Torp IT just down the road from Komplett’s facilities and the program will include a tour of Komplett’s state of the art, robot-run warehouse and picking system.

2017-04-27 Project Leader Day
Innoteam for Project Leadership have a face to face meeting in Oslo with experience sharing, latest updates from SAP and quality presentations.

2017-03-31 Recommendations for a move to S/4HANA 1610
Pearl Consulting will share their recommendations to SAP customers for a move to S/4HANA 1610. On request from Pearl Consulting this meeting is open only for by Pearl Consulting approved participants.

2017-03-10 Web meeting: Project Leader Forum presents
"How to build a Business Case to invest in SAP Solutions"

The webcast is relevant for anybody who is interested in business cases and their approvals and is relevant for all types of investments - not just SAP. The meeting addresses the challenge of how to build a business case and gain approval for your project to invest in SAP Solutions. 

2017-02-10 Web meeting: Trends, Roadmap and SAP ECC Roadmap
En presentation intressant för dig som planerar för er interna Road Map. Den hjälper dig att investera rätt i ditt SAP ECC. Intressant både för er som planerar att konvertera till S/4HANA de närmsta åren och er som inte gör det.



HR & Remuneration


2019-02-08 Web meeting: Be confident about the quality of your HR Data in SAP SuccessFactors and SAP ERP HCM using Accenture HR Audit and Compliance as-a-service
This session will focus on how to go away from a whole load of static reports and to adopt a proactive method of error monitoring and resolution. What is better than making decisions that are data driven, in real time, and can be delivered with confidence and simplicity? Putting the right answers in the right hands, at the right time.

2019-02-01 Web meeting: Integrated document generation, storage and retention for SAP SuccessFactors
Think about your regular, daily tasks around compensation statements, contract addendums or offer letters— are your HR Professionals still generating and storing these manually? Today’s smarter digital technologies can make all the difference to automate and standardize these essential tasks to give your team the opportunity to do what they do best.

2019-01-25 Web meeting: Create and Anonymize Test Data for SAP SuccessFactors
Based on the SAP Cloud Platform, the solution creates reliable, meaningful and authentic test data. Our solution reduces the time and effort needed to generate test data across multiple environments. With Accenture Clone and Test for Cloud, your data is anonymized and stored safely and securely in SAP's data centers, ready for ongoing post go-live testing and error resolution.

2018-09-28 Komprimert utgave av SAP HR Roadmap med Sariba
Hvert kvartal lanserer SAP informasjon om hva de har jobbet med, hva de jobber med i dag og hva de kommer til å fokusere på i morgen. Denne gangen vil vi ha fokus på:1) Intelligent Enterprise,2) Digital assistant,3) Fiori, 4) SAP Concur

2018-06-07 Webmøte: GDPR
Capgemini og Aibel deler løsning og erfaringer med implementering af de nye GDPR-regler.

2018-05-23 InnoTeam: HR

Hovedtema på agendaen vil være: 1) Digitaliseringens storm – sette seil eller søke ly? 2) Fokus på brukeropplevelse 3) SAP HR Roadmap, inkludert rollen til Fiori og SuccessFactors i tiden som kommer 4) Digital sykemelding, endringer i lønn og myndighetsrapportering

2018-04-06 Komprimert utgave av SAP HR Roadmap med Sariba
Hvert kvartal lanserer SAP informasjon om hva de har jobbet med, hva de jobber med i dag og hva de kommer til å fokusere på i morgen. Denne gangen vil vi ha fokus på: 1) Siste nytt om SuccessFactor, 2) Concur (SAP sin skyløsning for reiseregninger) og 3) Fiori - Litt om 'Fiorisering' av SAP og hva det betyr fremover

2018-01-26 Komprimert utgave av SAP HR Roadmap med Sariba
Hvert kvartal lanserer SAP informasjon om hva de har jobbet med, hva de jobber med i dag og hva de kommer til å fokusere på i morgen. Synes du det er vanskelig å følge med på dette? I jungelen av moduler og produkter tar Sariba for seg hva som skjer på HR området og oversetter det til et språk vi alle kan forstå. Kom og vær med på en komprimert utgave av SAP Roadmap!

2018-01-26 Web meeting: Solutions to help with GDPR readiness for SAP SuccessFactors
HR executives understand more than most the importance of protecting personal data. Often responsible for tens of thousands of employee records and communicating across multiple geographic boundaries, privacy and data security is the foundation of successful human capital management.

2017-12-01 Webmøte: Fremtidens HR
Erfaringsutveksling fra HR 2017

2017-11-24 Webmøte: Fremtidens HR
SAP Tools for Transformation Benchmarking HR

2017-05-31 HR Innovation Day

Vi møtes igjen for å lære mer og diskutere HR-funksjonalitet. Registrer deg nå.

2017-04-21 Web meeting: How to manage external manpower with Fieldglass.
Customer case from KellyOCG / National Oilwell Varco.

Direct customer experience of SAP Fieldglass Vendor Management Solution opens for cost saving, automation and visibility into the process for procurement of flexible workforce and labor intensive projects. Customer case from KellyOCG / National Oilwell Varco.

2017-03-10 Web meeting: the Right to be Forgotten
Every Friday morning we meet for one hour to discuss different areas of the SAP Product Landscape. This Friday the focus is on the right to be forgotten.



Finance & Analytics


2018-09-07 Webmøte: SAP S/4HANA Finance: Central Finance Deployment Option - Solution Overview

Join us for a web meeting on Central Finance by Thomas Popp-Madsen, SAP Centre of Excellence for ERP financials.

2018-05-31 InnoTeam: Økonomifunksjonens Dag

Innovation-team Finance har sammen utarbeidet agendaen for årets Økonomifunksjonens Dag, denne gang hos Statkraft på Lilleaker i Oslo, som vertskap.

2018-04-20 Webmøte: Automatiseringsgrad på over 90% på behandling av varefakturaer
Få innblikk i hvordan SAP-kunden Bohus har oppnådd en automatiseringsgrad på godt over 90% på behandling av sine varefakturaer.

2018-03-02 Pearl GDPR Cockpit
GPDR - how to get compliant by using functionality already within the SAP-system. Learn more in this web meeting with Pearl.

2017-12-15 Webmøte: IFRS 16 Leasing og håndtering i SAP
Mange større selskaper blir direkte berørt av IFRS 16 om håndtering av Leasing respektive leieavtaler og flere i Brukerforeningen har satt fokus på temaet. IFRS 16 om leasing medfører endringer for foretak som leier driftsmidler fra datautstyr og kontormaskiner til produksjonsutstyr eller lokaler.

2017-11-10 Web meeting: Finance S/4HANA Migration strategy
Every week we meet for one hour to discuss different areas of the SAP Product Landscape. This Friday the focus is on Finance S/4HANA Migration strategy.

2017-06-21 SAF-T reports in Norway

Many of you have already heard about the new requirements for SAF-T reports in Norway and have contacted SAP to hear if they are going to provide a solution. The answer is that they are providing a solution and it has been in pilot testing during the last month. Now the pilot testing phase has ended and SAP are pleased to be presenting it in a SAF-T Norway Release Event!

2017-06-02 Web meeting: Harnessing the power of automation and machine learning in Corporate Finance.
Automation has become THE hot topic for Finance Organizations. Robotics, Machine Learning and Automation are all over the place.

2017-05-10 The Finance Manager Day
Didrik Arstad, Our InnoTeam manager for Finance, has started the planning for the spring event. Follow here for updates in the program.

2017-05-09 The Procure to Pay Day
Bernt Bakken, The leader of the InnoTeam for Procure to Pay has together with theLeader of Finance Didrik Arstad prepared this program for the P2P day. 

2017-03-31 Webmøte: Robotics og RPA
Robotics eller RPA (Robotics Process Automation) er fremdeles et område som skaper både nysgjerrighet og pirrer interessen hos mange. Utviklingen av robotics går stadig fremover og nye muligheter på nye områder åpner seg stadig vekk.

2017-03-17 Web meeting: SEPA
Every friday morning we meet for one hour to discuss different areas of the SAP Product Landscape. This friday the focus is on SEPA.

2017-02-10 Web meeting: Ny norsk skattemelding og SAF-T
We meet for one hour to discuss different areas of the SAP Product Landscape. This friday the focus is on Finance - Localization => Tema ny norsk skattemelding og SAF-T - praktiske eksempler og diskusjon av "Finance localisation"





2019-02-15 Web-møte: Bedre innkjøp med SAP sine verktøy
Hvordan forbedre innkjøp med SAP sine verktøy? Hva kan man få «ut av boksen»? Hvor starter man, hvor lang tid tar det og hva får man ut av det? (Hvordan komme dit?)

2019-02-08 Web-møte: SAP sin arkitektur innen innkjøp
Hvordan ser SAP sin arkitektur ut innen innkjøp, med S/4HANA, MDG (Master Data Governance), Central Procurement, Ariba, Fieldglass og Concur? (Hvor skal man?)

2019-01-11 PLM Web meeting: An update on SAP Advanced Variant Configuration
SAP Variant Configuration solutions provide an efficient set of enhanced capabilities to define, develop, sell, manufacture, deliver, and service individualized products serving the “Segment of One”.

2018-12-14 PLM Web meeting: An update on EPPM (Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management)
Get the latest news from Product Management of SAP’s Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management Solution Portfolio.

2018-11-16 PLM Web meeting: Design to Cost with SAP Product Lifecycle Costing
SAP Product Lifecycle Costing helps you to calculate new products or quotations in the early stage of the product lifecycle to quickly then simulate and analyze alternatives and come up with most accurate cost estimates.

2018-11-09 PLM Web meeting: Latest developments in SAP Engineering Control Center and CAD Integrations
In this web meeting you will hear about the latest features and planned functionality. We will also give you insights, what’s the big picture behind the scene to drive the developments.

2018-10-26 PLM Web meeting: Engineering and operations of Digital Products (HMI Demo)
Getting and incorporating feedback from industrial customers and incorporating their feedback into the development of new products is critical for continuous success. Join us in listening to Carsten Dietze-Selent.

2018-06-08 Webmeeting: SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management
Join us for this webmeeting on a new cloud product used to support the asset management organisation.

2018-06-08 Webmeeting: SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service
Listen to Stephan Koenig, SAP on SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service.

2018-05-30 InnoTeam: Internet of Things (IoT)
Ønsker du inspirasjon og innspill på hvordan dere kan skape innovasjon i din bedrift ved hjelp av SAP og IoT. Da bør du komme på SBN sitt møte hos Bouvet i Oslo den 30. mai. Vi vll få presentert eksempler på hvordan IoT og SAP kan spille sammen i forskjellig prosesser som: 1) Vedlikehold av utstyr, 2) Effektivt lagerhold, 3) Sporbarhet i transport av varer, 4) Adgangskontroll

2018-04-06 SAP Asset Intelligence Network

The Digital Thread Between Manufacturers and Operators of Industrial Equipment. Solution Manager Dean Fitt, SAP SE, will be the speaker at this web meeting.

2018-03-20 InnoTeam: Energy
Yearly F2F meeting for Energy (Oil&Gas) Innoteam to discuss Energy specific processes and other challenges related to an Energy Business under cost pressure and in change. Main topics S4HANA for Logistics, IOT for assets and Mobility.

2018-02-09 Web meeting: Demonstration of MyPM in operation
In this web meeting, S5 and Soltius will give an introduktion to MyPM which is a user focused, comprehensive, affordable solution for mobilising SAP Plant Maintenance developed by Soltius NZ Limited.

2017-12-08 PLM webmøte: Gjennomgang av på S/4HANA Simplification list for PLM
De viktigste punktene (fra foredragsholders synspunkt) Erstatningene som Engineering Records, ECTR og Mobile Docs

2017-12-08 PLM Webmeeting - SAP S/4HANA for product compliance
SAP S/4HANA for product compliance, a solution that supports product compliance throughout the product lifecycle and integrated in all relevant business processes. In this session, you will get an overview of the key capabilities of this solution and its simplification roadmap.

2017-11-13 PLM Webmeeting - Advanced Variant Configuration in S/4HANA® - Variant Configuration Roadmap
In this session, SAP Research & Development will provide an overview of how the upcoming release of the new advanced variant configuration solution (1708 Cloud and 1709 On-premise) can improve your company's sales, product management and product engineering performance.

2017-11-10 PLM Webmeeting: ECM Strategy and update about DMS in S/4 HANA
PLM Webmeeting: ECM Strategy and update about DMS in S/4 HANA

2017-11-03 PLM Webmeeting: Integrated cost management with SAP Product Lifecycle Costing
Integrated cost management with SAP Product Lifecycle Costing (Optimize Profit Margins of New Products by Standardizing Product Costing).

2017-11-03 PLM Webmeeting: PPM – Overview and latest updates
PPM – Overview and latest updates “In this session, you will be given an overview of recent innovations in S/4HANA Cloud and on premise. Furthermore he will outline the strategy and roadmap for SAP’ Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management solution offering.”

2017-09-29 PLM Webmeeting - Innovations for Embedded Systems Development
Increasingly, software, rather than physical attributes (hardware), delivers functionality customers demand from products in various industries. With the growing amount of software embedded in physical products, the necessity to manage it as an integral element of the overall product grows continuously.

2017-09-22 Webmeeting: PLM Roadmap and Strategy
Learn about what Digitization means for your company and the R&D department in particular. Hear of SAP’s PLM Strategy, how you can run your business in both the cloud and on premise. Find out about the latest developments in the areas of Embedded Systems, Engineering Collaboration, Integration to CAD and TDM systems, Portfolio and Project Management, Recipe Development and integration with various solutions from our Leonardo portfolio.

Web meeting: What’s new in SAP Enterprise Asset Management / Plant Maintenance
What’s new in SAP Enterprise Asset Management / Plant Maintenance.

2017-05-09 The Procure to Pay Day
Bernt Bakken, The leader of the InnoTeam for Procure to Pay has together with theLeader of Finance Didrik Arstad prepared this program for the P2P day. 

2017-04-28 Web meeting: SAP PLM “Live Engineering”, SAP PLM in the Cloud and learn about the PLM Infoday event.
Listen to Frank Spiegel, Chief Product Owner Strategy and Eco System SAP PLM at SAP SE, talk about Live engineering, PLM in the cloud and what the PLM Infoday is all about. 28th April, 13:00.

2017-04-26 The MasterData Day
MasterData teamet møtes den 26. april. Her får vi blant annet en oppdatering fra Statoil om deres MDG-S projekt, erfaringer fra forlagsbransjen og gode muligheter for å bygge nettverk. Vi møtes i Oslo og Stavanger, og er det ikke mulig for deg å møte opp på et av disse stedene kan du delta via web.

2017-03-24 Web meeting: PLM - Optimized document control and printing in SAP (Customer case)
PLM - Optimized document control and printing in SAP. Customer case from Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology presented by Seal System. 

2017-03-15 Energy (Oil&Gas) InnoTeam
Innoteam for Energy (Oil&Gas) meet again to discuss Energy specific processes and other challenges related to the Energy Business.

2017-03-10 Web meeting: Innovative Document Design and Intelligent Print Routing using Compleo by Symtrax
Reformat, create, print and archive your SAP documents with Compleo Suite. Join our web meeting and find out how you can reduce time and costs using Compleo with SAP

2017-02-09 Web meeting: Internet of Things - The SAP Fedem solution
Fedem will give an overview of the technology behind the SAP Fedem solution, present a demo use case, and outline how this approach will offer a new level of control and understanding within the area of asset integrity and -performance monitoring.

2017-02-08 Web meeting: Master Data - SAP Tools and Strategy
This webcast will have focus on SAP tools and strategy related to MDM (Master Data Management) and MDG (Master Data Governace)

2017-01-27 SCM webcast - GS Hydro deler sine erfaringer med IT gevinstrealisering.
GS Hydro deler erfaring med IT gevinstrealisering innen SCM. 

2017-01-20 PLM Webcast - SAP Product Lifecycle Costing
A new HANA Solution

2017-01-13 PLM Webcast - Development Update on SAP S/4HANA Variant Configuration
Development Update on SAP S/4HANA Variant Configuration



e-com, Hybris & CRM 


2017-06-01 Frokostmøte: Digitalisering i varehandelen
- Fra manuell håndtering av varekatalogen til digitalisering og effektiv styring av vareflyt

Power (tidligere Expert), Nordens nye elektro gigant, forteller om digitalisering av varekatalogen og hvordan dette bidrar til ny satsing og vekst. Vi er i Ciber Norge sine lokaler på Stortorvet i Oslo. Vi serverer frokost før vi begynner.

2017-05-05 Webmøde: Ny salgsvækst med B2B E-handel og Content Marketing Excellence
Content Marketing Excellence er svaret på, hvordan B2B-virksomher tiltrækker relevant kundetrafik og konverterer trafikken til nye ordrer og langvarige kunderelationer via virksomhedens e-handelsløsning på lokale og internationale markeder.



Other topics


2018-12-07 Web meeting: SAP Leonardo Data Intelligence Community

Data is the most underestimated asset of our time. Traditionally it drove operational excellence, today it drives differentiation and growth. Therefore data, in today’s world is a strategic competitive advantage.

2018-04-26 InnoTeam: License

SAP has, after several years intimation, worked out a new License model. This model has the intention, amongst others, to eliminate direct Usage, be transparent and future oriented. SAP customers are offered several ways to migrate from their current License contract to the new model. An eventual migration is fully voluntary.

2017-06-14 License Day

As a follow up to the web meeting on license, we meet face to face 14th of June to continue our discussions.
The meeting will be in Oslo. (Recording and presentations will be published soon)

2017-06-09 Web meeting: Understand the SAP Product Landscape (2 out of 2)
This presentation is also sometimes called SAP for Dummies, but its absolutly not for Dummies
- This is a very nice introduction, you will learn a lot! (No recording, presentation will be published soon)

2017-06-09 Web meeting: Understand the SAP Product Landscape (1 of 2)
This presentation is also sometimes called SAP for Dummies, but its absolutly not for Dummies
- This is a very nice introduction, you will learn a lot! (No recording, presentation will be published soon)


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