Martin Brownsword

Jörg Bruch

Workshop 1 - Running SAP like clockwork 

This mini-workshop is a follow up to the Day 1 presentation on Running SAP like Clockwork in a Hybrid Infrastructure. In this workshop you will be provided with a deeper dive and demos on Release Management, Unified Ticketing and and IT Operations Analysis at SAP. Find out about SAP best practices in these areas.and the tools they are using. The session will be interactive and is aimed at Heads of IT Operations, Operations Managers, SAP Managers, Release Managers and CIOs.
To be held by Joerg Bruch - VP IT Operations at SAP.
25/10/2017 10:00 - 10:40 

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Workshop 2 - How to utilise SAP Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence in the SAP system. 

Digitization, means every company will be a software-driven company which Intelligently connecting people, things and business.


Machine learning is the reality behind artificial intelligence. Computers learn from data without being explicitly programmed. Machines can see, read, listen, understand, and interact…. This can be used for Digitization and exists inside the new versions of SAP and some functionality can be added to the older versions of SAP.
Interactive Session where Klaus Schimmer,
Director Business Development Machine Learning,
SAP SE explains the concept and tries to visualise the possibilities. Discussion on how this new functionality can be used in your business or if you are a consultant at your customers.

To be held by Klaus Schimmer, Director Business
Development Machine Learning, SAP SE
24/10/2017 13:00 - 14:40
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For information about more workshops at the
SBN Conference see this link


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Sigurd Skyum

Jan-Olav Arnegård

Christian Nørgaard

Torben Iversen

Konstantinos Karavidas

Martin Brownsword

Workshop 3 - Project Management of
Fast Delivery SAP Deployments

Maybe SAP and Fast Delivery sounds like an unlikely combination but fast delivery is precisely what businesses are looking for today. SAP customers now want to measure their projects in weeks and months NOT years and the emphasis is on quick return of investment and value for money.

New demands require new approaches and new ways of thinking and the project manager role has, as a result, changed dramatically.

We have assembled a quartet of highly skilled and experienced project managers who will discuss and answer questions on Fast Delivery SAP Deployments.

Two of the panelists are nominated for this year's SAP Quality Awards in the Fast Delivery section, another is a long standing Quality Awards judge and the fourth is an experienced Agile project manager.

Sigurd Skyum - SAP senior Project Manager, Coop Norge Handel AS,
Jan-Olav Arnegård - Business Advisor, BearingPoint Norway AS,
Christian Nørgaard, SAP Danmark AS,
Torben Iversen - Judge in the SAP Quality Awards, KMD A/S,
Konstantinos Karavidas - Director, Head of Global Rewards, Novo Nordisk A/S (Corporate Headquarters)

Lead by Martin Brownsword - Key Account, SBN-Adfahrer 

24/10/2017 14:00 - 14:40


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