Forus Parking Oslo Airport garage built 2014 and is out of date. The articlecomes from Teknisk Ukeblad Media and is about the upgrade project and why the garage is out of date. It's amazing but I understand they didn't think about those things then.

During the planning and construction, the garage was very modern. In 2014, 2 plugs where electric cars could be loaded was very OK but the existens of only 2 plugs today 2,5 years later make people laugh.

The new update project will look at the possilbilty to make the garage to be the hub for transports. The airport is looking at busses which has no drivers, smart load stations for cars, suncells and windturbines on the roof as a few examples of things which at the time the garage was planned where out of scope.

Forus Garage Teknisk Ukeblad TU

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