Gerlinde Zibulski, SAP Director of Product Management Security, recently gave a presentation at TechEd where she provided a clear message to SAP customers - cyberattacks are now a part of everyday life in IT Operations, but the good news is that SAP are doing everything they can to protect their customers and prevent them from becoming victims.

In this webinar, Gerlinde will provide:

  • An explanation of what the threats are and reasons why customers are exposed
  • The new SAP architectures and where the threats lie
  • Excellent advice on what customers need to do to achieve security best practice
  • A clear view on how customers can obtain help and assistance from SAP on security matters

Please do not miss this free webinar for SBN members and partners and prevent your company from being exposed.

Register now using the following link:


Any questions relating to this webinar please contact Martin Brownsword email tel: +47 91711593

skrivet av Martin Brownsword on 2017-10-31 09:40
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