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The SBN Conference 2017 saw a number of radical changes in style and format from previous years principally through a reduction in the number of tracks and presentations where quality took precedence over quantity.

The conference had major themes for Day 1 and Day 2 where Day 1 focused more on daily operations and possibilities with existing systems and processes while Day 2 was all about innovation, new technology and new opportunities.

The IT, HANA and Projects track provided a variety of themes consisting of presentations, customer use cases, workshops and panel discussions. The aim was to update and share knowledge with attendees while encouraging them to think how certain technologies, best practices and methods could benefit and create value for their organisations, customers and clients.

Day 1 of the track started with a look at how SAP run their own IT systems from their VP of Operations and finished with a double session from Skye Consulting on a best practice S/4 HANA implementation using SAP tools such as Activate and Solution Manager to ease and optimise the journey.

In between there was experience sharing from Nakilat/Fujitsu on the journey to S/4 HANA, Coop’s best practice sharing on Solman Testing; a glimpse of the upcoming Cloud Edition S/4 HANA with Norwegian localisations and tips and advice on how to deliver SAP projects faster within SAP’s 10 Quality Principles.

Day 2 we learned from Skye, how Blockchain would revolutionise not only IT systems architecture and usage, but also the world in general. It felt impressively good to learn that Blockchain is helping to solve most of the UN’s sustainable development goals.

In addition, we learnt from Fujitsu/realtime NA about the latest technology – palm vein recognition – to protect our vulnerable SAP systems.

We rounded off with myth exploding session from Sopra Steria on Robotics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and a glimpse at what we could expect over the coming year.

All in all a great conference in a good location that brought the experts to you and connected our customers with our partners!

Download    ...The presentations are available for download, see this link

skrivet av Eva-Maria Fahrer, Martin Brownsword on 2017-11-01 11:03
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