Once again, we got so many great answers in our bi-annual survey. Find out if you found all the mistakes in the picture and who won the 5 gift certificates.


The winners are:

Rasmus Krone, T-Systems Nordic TC Services A/S

Torunn Hermansen, Elkjøp Nordic

Ulf Wennerbeck, Borealis AB

Anders Grimsborn, Fora AB

Nick Banks, Nets Norway AS

Email us here to collect your gift certificate


The answers are very valuable to us and are used in our work with planning spring events, web meetings throughout the year and the conference in October.

All in all, we use the answers to create most possible value for you.


Below are the images from the last competition question in the survey. The goal was to find the correct number of changed items compared to the original picture. The correct answer was six and the changed items are marked with arrows below:

SBN Conference

Original picture:
SBN Conference

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