Get ready for May 2018!

GDPR was the main topic of EPI-USE Labs User Group Conference last friday, since we all have to be ready for May 2018 (in 4 months!).

Once again the settings were the beautifully located Kurhotel Skodsborg, right next to the beach and on a clear day, with Sweden in sight. The food served was very nice and made sure everyone was well fed and kept the blood sugar at a steady level all day.

The speaking team from EPI-USE Labs, Karin Ejstrup, Paul Hammersley, Jamie Neilan, Sylvain Bernard, Phil Quinton and Gethin Jones went through solutions, demos and examples, which was to great benefit for the participants. Some are not as far as they want to be, and felt that the information given this day, was exactly what they needed.

We also got a case study from a household appliances company, on how to deliver Business Changes sing the SLO Services from EPI-USE Labs.

In the agenda was also time for some discussions among the participants, which the participants seemed to appreciate as it gave them the opportunity to exchange processes and experiences. 

Below are a few pictures from the day. If you regret not having attended or have any questions in relation of GDPR and data protection, don't hesitate to contact Karin at karin(at)


Video from the event  

EPI-USE Labs - Denmark user group film from EPI-USE Labs on Vimeo.



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