SBN-Adfahrer winter Survey 2017 - All Over
Which areas are of interest to you?
No change from summer survey

SBN-Adfahrer Survey - How would you define your job role?

How would you define your job-role?

Almost the same result as in last survey and as you see a very high % are in managing and decision making roles.

SBN Adfahrer Survey - Whats most important for your business right now?

What s most important for your business right now?

Here we have a difference, please see the picture below from the survey 6 moths ago. SAP HANA and Cloud are still in the middle but Platform and Technologies are as example much bigger of even new.

Adfahrer SBN Survey Whats important for you and your business right nowThis word-cloud is 2017-01, the cloud above 2017-02

I'm glad to be able to share the survey results of this year's winter survey. The survey was sent out shortly before Christmas and again during the Christmas holidays and then after Christmas. We got 104 complete replies and around 150 people who looked at it but did not complete all the questions. The final question was a quiz and you can read about it on this linkwhere the winners are also published.

In the autumn we had a project to change the survey in the hope to increase the number of replies. It did not give us exactly the result we hoped for but the answers have a higher quality than last year, which we are very pleased about.

The Survey is one of our key inputs for the coming year and we appreciate and are very grateful to those who take the time to reply to our 5 questions.



How easy is it to do business with SAP?
New question in 2017 Q4 on request from SAP. See the word-cloud below and a few replies under the picture:

How easy is it to do business with SAP?

Some examples:
"It is sometimes hard to find ones way through all the various portals, launchpads, apps, and various information sources."
"Need more visibility"

"More easily to contact SAP experts via chats on internet, might already be available but need to take advantage of possibilites with SAP useerforums via internet."

"It is a bit tricky to find where SAP have support centers."

"It has been a very good cooperation with SAP"

If you could ask an SAP expert any questions what would it be?

If you could ask an SAP expert any questions, what would it be?

"Where can I find the list of things, which allready now can looked into regarding move to S4HANA so we can start cleaning the system."
"How to connect and work with SAP MRS connected to SAP PS."
"How to create automatyic steps in recuitment process"
"How to manage authorisations smoothly - for the new users, but also the verification process of the already given authorisations."







































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