Software from SEAL Systems reduces system errors and manual effort
For companies operating in a regulated environment, it is common to find problems with documents in the SAP system. One such example is when documents need to be tracked in SAP DMS, yet this is not automated, but only possible manually. Or if release processes go wrong and documents that have not been approved end up in production. Likewise, finding correct documents and drawings in SAP DMS can be an error-prone process that involves a lot of manual work. Ensuring the quality of printed labels is often another problematic workstep in a regulated environment. Either the traceability of the labels is difficult, the status of the label is not recognizable, or it lacks versioning.

SEAL Systems AG has more than 40 years of know-how in the field of document-related business processes. For regulated environments, the German software manufacturer offers a range of solutions in the area of document control and conversion, document output for SAP and label printing in SAP. These significantly reduce error rate and manual effort, ensure faster and smoother processes and subsequently save time and money.


Application of approval stamps
In the area of document management and conversion, the solution is characterized by the automatic application of approval stamps. Originals are automatically converted into a PDF upon approval, so that stamps, any SAP data, and other steering information (who printed it? when was it printed?), can be added very quickly and easily. With PDFs, and especially the standardized PDF/A variant, it is ensured that the document always looks the same. To ensure that it is the correct file that is used, the originals for all approved documents are made invisible by filters. This means that in SAP, only the PDF is visible in the document info record.

Locating all linked documents
When issuing documents using the SEAL Systems solution, an additional module is called up in SAP, which finds all linked documents and outputs them together with production documents. Documents to be collected can be individually determined by filter criteria and easily changed. Different configurations per plant, dispatcher or production control is also possible.


Label printing in SAP
In the SEAL Systems label creation tool, the design of labels is completely customizable. Any SAP data can be used. Using SEAL Systems data configuration, process-relevant data is determined without programming work, by simple customizing entries and forwarded to the label software. In this way, even extensive data relationships can be clearly configured, and complex labels created with different contents.


In a new white paper, SEAL Systems presents the above mentioned applications in detail, using a fictional story based on ACME Pharma. Join employees of the pharmaceutical company in their attempts to solve the challenges of document-driven processes step by step. You can request the white paper directly at the following link: 



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