Here you find a summary report from the conference

This year's topic was "Innovate Now and Think 2030!" Our president Hans Butenschøn said in his introduction "The Year is selected by a purpose" referring to the 2030 climate and energy framework. We spent time on what to improve today for an Effective Day-to-Day Work process and at the same time preparing for the 2030 and beyond. The conference program had a clear focus on innovations which was appreciated by the participants who gave good evaluations. Link to the introduction video is found on this link.

This years SBN Member was Tine Gjøse Vermedal from Equinor
She was nominated by the InnoTeam Leaders and elected by the SBN Core Leadership Team

Examples of comments we got after the conference:

“I really think that the format and content of this year's conference was one of the better I've seen. There were good professional sessions, with a good deal of participation.”(Managing Director sharing experience)

“Thank you for the honor to attend and present a this nice event. Have learned a lot and got new contacts. Just what such an event should give.” (Customer, sharing Experience)

“I enjoyed the conference a lot! I hope that I will have another chance to join ??” (SAP Expert)

”It was a very good session, I had lots of interactive conversation with the audience during my time slot. It was positive to see the audience was so engaged. Afterwards I had a few follow-up conversations with people from different companies. Overall the conference seemed very successful and well-organized. Congratulations! “ (Presenter of a customer’s case)

Eva-Maria Fahrer

A comment from me is; I noticed the total absence of any kind of negative comment except for the lunch on Monday which was too creative and not so good. In addition it seems we all were happy about the location, which we therefore will use next year as well. Mark your calendar for 23-24 Oktober 2019. We look forward to meet you again.

Slides and pictures

Thank you for a fantastic conference

skrivet av Eva-Maria Fahrer on 2018-11-15 08:20
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