The SBN Conference 2018 was one of our best conferences. 81% rates it 5-7 on a scale from 1-7 where 7 is the best. 92,5% will recommend the conference to colleagues and friends.

We are so happy about this years conference and from the ratings and comments in the survey it seems our attendees were quite happy too. We have seen and read all of the comments to the survey and with those in mind, do our best to improve the experience in 2019.



We are always very curious about your replies to the survey.
Some of the interesting facts from this year are:
*Almost all tracks are equally visited. IT, Finance and Mix 1 being the three most visited.
*Most find the detail level of both days to be just right.
*85% thinks the length of the conference being just right.


Following are some of the comments:

I really think that the format and content of this year's conference was one of the better I've seen. There were good professional sessions, with a good deal of participation. The exhibition area was cramped, but it was not that big problem.

Need to see more practical examples, especially from SAP. Believe you could give a score-sheet at the end of each presentation while this is fresh in mind and that we can Return immediately after. RACE by Statkraft was very useful, as was Accenture (Mollan).

Thanks for the opportunity we got to contribute to the presentations, it was a great opportunity to show some of what we are working on, which was also hopefully of interest to the participants. I was also pleased with several questions along the way and after presentation.

Some *presentations* were just right, some could have been a bit more detailed / concrete (for example SAP Analytics Cloud, Central Finance, Accentures migration to S/4HANA)

Thank you for the honor to attend and present at this nice event. Have learned a lot and got new contacts. Just what such an event should give the opportunity to do.

It was interesting to get acquainted with the community you have and we got some exciting leads from the days so we are happy!

I enjoyed the conference a lot! I hope that I will have another chance to join ??

It was a very good session, I had lots of interactive conversation with the audience during my time slot. It was positive to see the audience was so engaged. I think the presentation was well received. Afterwards I had a few follow-up conversations with people from different companies.
Overall the conference seemed very successful and well-organized. Congratulations!
Let's stay in touch.


Even though the SBN Conference is a year away, we can already promise you this:

*It will continue to be a two-day conference.
*It will take place on October 23-24, so mark your calendar already now!
*We will improve the lunch!
*We will be ready to welcome you once again, with a lot of interesting presentations and keynotes.


Thank you for joining us this year, and for the feedback. We hope to see you again next year!

Be sure to check out the spring events too and remember all the Innovation Team 1-day meetings are free for SBN Members.


Read Eva-Marias thank-you-article here

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