We are finally (almost) ready with the new!

First we moved all names and companies in January. Then we've been working on building the website with all necessary pages, tags, community, news and events and we are slowly but steadily getting ready for an official launch.

Wednesday this week, we decided to move all the events, participants and registration to You can still see all events on this website (, but you will see a link to the new website for registration.

We are very excited about this and some have already tried the new registration system and says it is fairly easy to use!


Here's a short how-to:

First of all, you'll need an account to log in.

- If you receive our newsletter, you will already be in the database, so what you'll need to do is ask for a new password and you can login and sign up for events without cost as long as the membership is valid.

- If you do not receive our newsletter but would like to, then send an email to and we'll help you from there.


If you have any problems during the sign-up process, please contact me and I will help you as fast as I can :-) (Please do allow a couple of hours for a reply though)


We hope to be ready with the complete very soon! It is minor bugs we are working with at the moment, such as wrong time on events when they are sent out as a newsletter, and we would like it to be as ready as possible to create as good an experience as possible for you all!

skrivet av Cathrine Kjær Christensen on 2019-03-07 09:37
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